Who are we ?
Who are we ?

Serial Kombi
1061 route de Chambéry
ZA du Pruney
38420 Le Versoud
International phone number : 00 33 476 77 87 77
We are open all the year : Monday to Friday 9:00-12:30 and 13:30-17:45
(Friday until 16:45)

Who are we?

Serial Kombi was established in 1999 and was born from Yolaine and Pascal's passion for Air cooled VW Buses and cars. Their passion started when they owned their first Beetle back in 1992

At the time they regularly travelled long distances and camped in their 1959 Bus and soon discovered that it was almost impossible to ­find parts in France for maintenance and repairs.

They had the idea of creating a company that catered for these needs, not only for the supply of parts but also a repair and restoration workshop for these charming old vehicles.

So, they set up their business(Serial Kombi) which included mail order of new and used parts, mechanical work, body work and painting. They also offered used vehicles for sale, And all this entirely dedicated to the VW Bus 1950-1979.

Over the years inspired by their passion and experience they gained a very specific know-how which leads to a very popular and successful customer experience which is recognised worldwide.

In 2002 Serial Kombi took a big decision which would prove to be a big turning point in the evolution of their their business.

At the time they were using a 1989 Transporter panel van(more commonly known as T25, Wedge or T3) to take their stock to sell at shows and began to appreciate these later Buses and realise it was also hard for owners to find maintenance and repair parts in France.

In June 2002 Jean-Luc joined Yolaine and Pascal as a partner and they moved the company to larger premises in Versoud so that they could expand the business further. It was at this time Serial Kombi expanded its range to sell parts for T25 models ranging from 1980-1992.

Serial Kombi got involved in online sales in the early years of internet commerce and it was immediately a huge success throughout Europe with customers enjoying the knowledge and experience of the team, the quality of the parts and the large amount of stock available for they now had all the parts available online for the restoration and maintenance of their favorite vehicle.

Over the years the the business has grown still, the team has been strengthened and the range has expanded to include parts for the T4 Transporter from 1990-2003. The team now consists of 15 people dedicated to providing a quality service to make sure the customer gets all the best quality parts at the best price and as quickly as possible for their vehicle.

Because of the success of Serial Kombi, other retailers now offer products for these vehicles but their range for each model is limited and they lack the cumulative knowledge of several VW enthusiasts/owners under one roof which makes Serial Kombi the only company of its kind worldwide.

All this does not happen without a lot of effort, Serial Kombi buys goods from over a hundred different suppliers always ensuring that there are over 9000 different products available from stock.

Daily monitoring quality of parts, shipping and looking constantly for new parts to improve the range ensures competitiveness in the European market, This is the reason Serial Kombi and retains It's lead.

Tight management means our customers are guaranteed a great service and the reason Serial Kombi is a company in excellent financial health that will meet their demand and never disappoint.

Also offering multilingual online and phone services. They can be contacted at their premises in Versoud, France by email or phone.