Elevating roof pastel white L90D with gas struts, waterproof canvas stapled, headlining, removable folding bed, fitted T4 9/1990-6/2003 SWB

Reference 701070701POSÉ
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Designation Complete side opening, full length elevating roof kit.
Not suitable for long wheel base model.
Fiberglass roof in L90 Pastel White colour, compact (only +7cm height in closed position, giving 122cm of interior height over the entire length in the open position).
Dark grey canvas, 2 arched windows on the side with zip fastening and mosquito net + 2 vents at the top front and rear. The upper part of the cover is light gray PVC.
Interior headlining is made of light gray velvet. Easy open / close system of the roof, with the 2 gas struts and the hinges (included).
Bed size: 183x114cm. Three sliding boards. You can easily put or remove the bed from the roof as needed.

"Installed" solution: the roof will be fitted by Laplanche bodyshop, Zone d’activité du Pasquier, 71800 Varennes-sous-Dun. The appointment for the pose has to be agreed with the bodyshop at the time of purchase from Serial-Kombi.

We also sell this roof with a "ready to install" solution (Ref. 701 070 701).

For more information about this product, questions about delivery, installation or additional custom options, please contact us at info@serial-kombi.com


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      Product info*** Guaranteed quality ***
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      Product reference701070701POSÉ
      Product reference701 070 701 POSÉ
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      T4 Modèle1800cc/2000cc PETROL 9/1990-6/2003 (PD, AAC) 4 Cylinder 66/84 ch / 49/64 Kw
      T4 Modèle1900cc DIESEL 9/1990-12/1995 (1X) 4 Cylinder 60 ch / 44 Kw
      T4 Modèle1900cc TURBO DIESEL 10/1992-4/2002 (ABL) 4 Cylinder 68 ch / 50 Kw
      T4 Modèle2400cc DIESEL 9/1990-9/1998 (AAB) 5 Cylinder 78 ch / 57 Kw
      T4 Modèle2400cc DIESEL 4/1997-6/2003 (AJA) 5 Cylinder 75 ch / 55 Kw
      T4 Modèle2500cc PETROL 9/1990-6/2003 (AAF, ACU, AEN, AEU, AET, APL, AVT) 5 Cylinder 110/115 ch / 81/85 Kw
      T4 Modèle2500cc DIESEL TDI 9/1995-6/2003 (ACV,AUF,AXL,AYC) 5 Cylinder 102 ch / 75 Kw
      T4 Modèle2500cc DIESEL TDI 5/1998-6/2003 (AJT,AYY) 5 Cylinder 88 ch / 65 Kw
      T4 Modèle2500cc DIESEL TDI 5/1998-6/2003 (AXG,AHY) 5 Cylinder 151 ch / 111 Kw
      T4 Modèle2800cc PETROL VR6 1/1996-6/2003 (AES, AMV) 6 Cylinder 140 ch / 103 Kw
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